i have absolutely no shame or regret in saying that i hate religion

doesnt mean all religious people are bad (i prefer using bold font for especially this part.), some do very good things for others because they are good people generally

but all the idiots that justify their stupidity with these shitty holy books of theirs just… they are so many and so annoying that they are absolutely impossible to ignore

"you have to respect my beliefs"

respect is earned, not deserved.





im so nervous because of tomorrow that im unable to sleep

my heart is racing

jesus fucking christ °_°

tumblr mythology more like : i know this name and this name! i know they were said to be married in mythology! LETS MAKE CUTE SHIPPING!!

and in reality its like: they were siblings and made a bunch of monster babies/one kidnapped the other and forced them to marry them /etc

this might sound petty but this stuff is really interesting and seeing it reduced to shitty tumblr label bullshit is kinda sad


Persona 5 TGS Trailer